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SwishersLilValentine aka Valley
►Price: Private Treaty◄

AQHA #Pending
DOB 02/14/2019
Brown Roan Filly

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8 days old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

21 days old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

Valley is an amazing filly with spot on conformation, a beautiful head, nice amount of bone and will carry some height to her. Her disposition is so kind, she is a curious one.

Quick Notes:
DOB 02/14/2019
38 inches tall at birth
Height Expectancy: 16hh
White Markings: Star
Color Test Results: Rn/N, Aa (heterozygous seal brown) by Parentage
Panel 5 Results: 4 Panel-N/N by Parentage, GBED N/N (UcDavis Tested)

Swisher Hancock x Blues Cowy Valentine
25.78% Blue Valentine
25% Dividend Coup
25% WYO Roan Advantage
18.75% Plenty Try
18.75% Gooseberry
13.09% Red Man
12.5% Platte Hancock
12.5% Bonny Blues
12.5% Blue Apache Hancock
11.13% Joe Hancock
10.55% Plenty Coup
8.40% Texas Blue Bonnet

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Valley's Sire, "Swisher Hancock" / Valley's Dam, "Blues Cowy Valentine"
Photo Copyrights: Sunday Blue

Swishers Pipe Dream aka Disney
►Price: Pending◄

AQHA #Pending
DOB 03/04/2019
Smokey Brown Roan Filly

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11 days old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

11 days old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

Disney is the first foal born out of this cross, she is a cute filly with tones of independence and kindness.

Quick Notes:
DOB 03/04/2019
33 inches tall at birth
Height Expectancy: 15.1hh
White Markings: Star
Color Test Results: RnRn (homozygous roan) by Parentage
Ata or AtAt (heterozygous or homozygous for seal brown), Pending Test on Cream
Panel 5 Results: 5 Panel-N/N by Parentage

Swisher Hancock x Chucker Maid Hayes
62.5% Swisher Hancock
31.25% Dividend Coup
25% Chucker Blue Kid
23.05% Blue Valentine
21.88% Chucker Maid
18.75% Gooseberry
12.5% Leo Hancock Hayes
12.5% Plenty Try
12.5% Platte Hancock
11.72% Red Man
10% Joe Hancock
Others: Azul Caballo Amigo, WYO Kid Curry, Watch Joe Starbuck, Two Eyed Jack

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Disney's Sire, "Swisher Hancock" / Disney's Dam, "Chucker Maid Hayes"
Photo Copyrights: Sunday Blue

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◾Contract Pending (means a down payment is on the way).

◾Under Contract (means a down payment has been received).

◾Sold (means full price for weanling has been collected).

◾Private Treaty (means contact me for a price).


A contract will be drawn up specifying price, 25% non-refundable deposit amount and deadline for pick-up after the foal is weaned.

◾Print and sign 2 copies, return to us with down payment. We will sign both, keep one for our records and return the other to you.

◾You must post mark/send the signed contract with deposit. We ask that you secure returned contract by using a carrier that provides a tracking number and contact us with that tracking number. USPS priority mail w/tracking number cost about $6.25 and is sufficient.

◾Payment will be paid in full before weanling leaves property. Payments can be sent in or the remaining 75% may be paid at time of pick-up. I anticipate weaning in Sept. - Oct. If you would like yours earlier, it may can be arranged with our older foals. We require at least 4 months with momma.

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