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Swishers Dollar Bill aka Dollar
►Price: $3750◄

AQHA # 5941436
DOB 05/13/2019
Brown Roan Colt

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11ks old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

16wks old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

DOLLAR is a super cool colt with a AMAZING pedigree. His dam, FIRST MAGNOLIA aka CLASSY is just about as race-bred as they come. CLASSY is a FIRST WRANGLER daughter. FIRST WRANGLER is a son of THE SIGNATURE. FIRST WRANGLERS dam is FIRST FEMME, a daughter of FIRST DOWN DASH by DASH FOR CASH. CLASSY is out of a daughter of THE OLE MAN who is a THREE BARS son. Others consist of GO MAN GO, MAGNOLIA ROCKET, BEDUINO, NOHOLME and many more. If paying attention to the NFR's BARREL RACING line-up, these names above are all through their pedigrees! DOLLAR's sire, SWISHER HANCOCK brings in the COWBOY COLOR and a CALM DISPOSITION/TEMPERAMENT which makes for a very TRAINABLE colt! With this guy, you get spot on CONFORMATION with the ATHLETIC ABILITY to SUCCEED all wrapped up in an amazing COWBOY COLOR that will get you noticed!

Quick Notes:
DOB 05/13/2019
35 inches tall at birth
Height Expectancy: 15.1hh
White Markings: Star, Strip, Left Hind Sock

A Swisher Hancock Son out of First Magnolia
25% Dividend Coup
25% First Wrangler
12.50% Plenty Try
12.50% Platte Hancock
12.50% The Signature
12.5% The Ole Man
12.50% Gooseberry
12.30% Three Bars
10.94% Blue Valentine
Others: Joe Hancock, Noholme, First Down Dash, Dash For Cash, Go Man Go
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DOLLAR's dam "First Magnolia aka Classy" has an exceptional race bred pedigree with over 3 MILLION combined earnings in 1st (3) lines alone, featuring great names such as:
🔹 First Wrangler SI-105 (sire) Earnings $95,805
🔹 The Signature SI-107 (2nd sire top side) Earnings $333,473
🔹 The Ole Man SI-100 (2nd sire bottom side) Earnings $21,156
🔹 First Down Dash SI-105 (3rd sire top side) Earning $857,256
🔹 Noholme II (3rd sire top side)
🔹 Three Bars (3rd sire bottom side) Offspring Total Earnings 2.8 Million
🔹 Magnolia Rocket SI-99 (3rd sire bottom side) Earnings $34,567

Family tree photo album to the great ones in DOLLAR's bottom line:

Both owned by R3~DOLLAR's Sire, "Swisher Hancock" / DOLLAR's Dam, "First Magnolia aka Classy at 15yrs old in 2017."
Photo Copyrights: Sunday Blue


Swishers Carbon Copy aka Carbon
►Price: $5000◄

AQHA # 5946010
DOB 05/17/2019
Blue Roan Colt

View Carbon's full brother "Deucee" born in 2016 on our "gelding" link. I held Deucee back to show. Deucee has the best temperament, easy to train and built like a tank! I expect his brother to be very similar.

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11wks old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

16wks old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

Quick Notes:
DOB 05/17/2019
35 1/2 inches tall at birth
Height Expectancy: 15+hh
White Markings: Tiny Star
Color Test Results: Gray NN, RnRn (homozygous roan)

A Swisher Hancock Son out of Blue Valentine Cleo
37.5% Dividend Coup
25% Mr Clyde Hancock
20.31% Blue Valentine
18.75% Gooseberry
18.75% Plenty Try
12.5% Platte Hancock
12.5% Krogs Blue Limo
10.35% Red Man
8.36% Joe Hancock
~Click here for Carbon's extended pedigree~

Both owned by R3~Carbon's Sire, "Swisher Hancock" / Carbon's Dam, "Blue Valentine "Cleo" at 8yrs old in 2015.
Photo Copyrights: Sunday Blue

Swishers RebelRouser aka Rebel
►Price: $3500◄

Update 09/24/2019: I decided to reduce REBEL's price by $500 from $4000. REBEL has a few cosmetic places that may or may not scar from a injury sustained around 2 1/2 months old. REBEL has a small rise from a short cut directly under his mane line up high on his neck on the right hand side. Teach his mane to fall on the right hand side and this will never be noticed. He has one on his right check and a tiny calcium deposit on the bridge of his nose that gets less noticeable every other week. Our vet advised us, the calcium deposit may go away on its own over time or at least be less noticeable as he grows. If desired, the calcium bump can be removed by a vet when he gets older. If you look closely, you can see each of them in pic below. None of these affect him in any way, just gives him character. This colt has been handled extensively from doctoring these places and is super easy to deal with. He is very friendly, without a mean bone in his body. REBEL's temperament is bar none! We can gently move him wherever we want with just the slightest touch and with no attitude from him! I have NEVER sold a SWISHER HANCOCK and BLU BLUE BABE colt for under $4000! Here is your chance to get a really nice one and have some money in your pocket to get the calcium deposit removed if you so choose (this is the only reason I have his price reduced, to more then cover the cost of that procedure).

AQHA # Pending
DOB 06/06/2019
Brown Roan Colt

~Click here for Rebel's Age Progressive Face Book Photo Album~

14wks old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

16wks old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

Junebug gives us exceptional foals every year, this year is no different! Her foals grown up to be nice stout, correct prospects with amazing dispositions and gorgeous COWBOY color to boot!

Quick Notes:
DOB 06/06/2019
39 inches tall at birth
Height Expectancy: 16.hh+
White Markings: small star, left cornet band
UcDavis Color Test Results: Rn/N

A Swisher Hancock Son out of Blu Blue Babe
25% Dividend Coup
22.66% Blue Valentine
15.63% Gooseberry
12.89% Joe Hancock
12.5% Rowdy Blue Man
12.5% Plenty Try
12.5% Platte Hancock
12.5% Babes Blue Valentine
12.11% Red Man
10.16% Hancocks Double
~Click Here for Rebel Extended Pedigree~

Both owned by R3~Rebel's Sire, "Swisher Hancock" / Rebel's Dam, "Blu Blue Babe" aka Junebug at 13 years old in 2019.
Photo Copyrights: Sunday Blue

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