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Swishers Cowabunga aka Turtle
►Price: $3500◄

AQHA # 6024439
DOB 02/18/2020
Brown Roan Colt

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29 wks old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

Turtle is an amazing colt with spot on conformation, a beautiful head, nice amount of bone and will carry some height to him. His disposition is so kind, he is a curious and confident one. Since TURTLE is GBED positive, for this reason alone he is not offered as a stallion prospect and will need to be gelded (in contract). This gives someone who is not looking to breed him, an excellent opportunity to pick up a SWISHER son for less then we normally price one. Basically, we price all colts as stud prospects! GBED is non-symptomatic, it will never affect him! It is only a problem if you breed two GBED positive's together and they both pass it to the foal, which will then self eliminate. More details on the Panel 5/6 tab on left hand side of web site.

Quick Notes:
DOB 02/18/2020
Height Expectancy: 16hh
White Markings: Tiny White Star
Panel 4-N/N by Parentage; GBED N/Gb (tested through animal genetics)

A Swisher Hancock Son out of Blues Cowy Valentine
25.78% Blue Valentine
25% Dividend Coup
25% WYO Roan Advantage
18.75% Plenty Try
18.75% Gooseberry
13.09% Red Man
12.5% Platte Hancock
12.5% Bonny Blues
12.5% Blue Apache Hancock
11.13% Joe Hancock
10.55% Plenty Coup
8.40% Texas Blue Bonnet

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Turtle's Sire, "Swisher Hancock" / Turtle's Dam, "Blues Cowy Valentine"
Photo Copyrights: Sunday Blue


My Swisher Hancock aka Mya
►Price: $3500◄

AQHA # 6024986
DOB 03/29/2020
Brown Roan Filly

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16 weeks old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

22 weeks old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

Mya is the sweetest, most trusting filly. She adores attention, kisses and hugs. Mya's dam is one of my personal riding mares. Heidi was what I call, born broke. We started her bareback and with a halter/lead. She never offered to buck or gave us any attitude. I fully expect her daughter to be just as easy to start.

Quick Notes:
DOB 03/29/2020
39 inches tall at birth
Height Expectancy: 15.2hh
White Markings: Arrowhead Shaped Star
Color Test Results: Not testing this year, maybe later! Could be Homozygous for ROAN and BLACK! If I do decide to test and she is RnRn, her price will go up!
Panel 5 Results: 5 Panel-N/N by Parentage

Swisher Hancock x Blue Bonnet Sadie
25% Dividend Coup
25% WYO Chuckkar
21.48% Blue Valentine
18.75% Plenty Try
18.75% Gooseberry
11.72% Red Man
12.5% Platte Hancock
12.5% WYO Blue Bonnet
12.5% Gila McCue Hancock
11.13% Joe Hancock
7.81% Texas Blue Bonnet
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~Mya's Sire, "Swisher Hancock" at 18yrs old in May of 2020 / Mya's Dam, "Blue Bonnet Sadie" aka Heidi at 7yrs old in March of 2017.
Photo Copyrights: Dwayne Blue and Sunday Blue


Swishers Dime Piece aka Dime
►Price: $3500◄

AQHA # 6024490
DOB 04/29/2020
Blue Roan Filly

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18 weeks old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

18 weeks old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

DIME is a super cool filly with a AMAZING pedigree. Her dam, FIRST MAGNOLIA aka CLASSY is just about as race-bred as they come. CLASSY is a FIRST WRANGLER daughter. FIRST WRANGLER is a son of THE SIGNATURE. FIRST WRANGLERS dam is FIRST FEMME, a daughter of FIRST DOWN DASH by DASH FOR CASH. CLASSY is out of a daughter of THE OLE MAN who is a THREE BARS son. Others consist of GO MAN GO, MAGNOLIA ROCKET, BEDUINO, NOHOLME and many more. If paying attention to the NFR's BARREL RACING line-up, these names above are all through their pedigrees! DIME's sire, SWISHER HANCOCK brings in the COWBOY COLOR and a CALM DISPOSITION/TEMPERAMENT which makes for a very TRAINABLE filly! With this gal, you get spot on CONFORMATION with the ATHLETIC ABILITY to SUCCEED all wrapped up in an amazing COWBOY COLOR that will get you noticed!

Quick Notes:
DOB 04/29/2020
35 1/2 inches tall at birth
Height Expectancy: 15.1hh
White Markings: Star, Strip, Snip, & LH Heel
Panel 5 Results: 5 Panel-N/N by Parentage

A Swisher Hancock Daughter out of First Magnolia
25% Dividend Coup
25% First Wrangler
12.50% Plenty Try
12.50% Platte Hancock
12.50% The Signature
12.5% The Ole Man
12.50% Gooseberry
12.30% Three Bars
10.94% Blue Valentine
Others: Joe Hancock, Noholme, First Down Dash, Dash For Cash, Go Man Go
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DIME's dam "First Magnolia aka Classy" has an exceptional race bred pedigree with over 3 MILLION combined earnings in 1st (3) lines alone, featuring great names such as:
🔹 First Wrangler SI-105 (sire) Earnings $95,805
🔹 The Signature SI-107 (2nd sire top side) Earnings $333,473
🔹 The Ole Man SI-100 (2nd sire bottom side) Earnings $21,156
🔹 First Down Dash SI-105 (3rd sire top side) Earning $857,256
🔹 Noholme II (3rd sire top side)
🔹 Three Bars (3rd sire bottom side) Offspring Total Earnings 2.8 Million
🔹 Magnolia Rocket SI-99 (3rd sire bottom side) Earnings $34,567

Family tree photo album to the great ones in DIME's bottom line:

~DIME's Sire, "Swisher Hancock" / DIME's Dam, "First Magnolia" aka Classy at 15yrs old in 2017.
Photo Copyrights: Sunday Blue


Swishers Four Twenty aka MaryJane (MJ)
►Price: $4000◄

AQHA # 6029492
DOB 05/07/2020
Smokey Blue Roan Filly

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14 weeks old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

14wks old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

Update 08-16-2020...What I thought was excess naval skin due to that being a SWISHER trait he passes down to each of our foals, it is actually a small hernia. I will have this fixed before she leaves R3!

Update: 09-11-2020...MJ's hernia has been repaired (by Dr Matt Imel at Peak Performance in Granbury Texas), it was very small. I remember when PIPER got up after giving birth, she stepped on the umbilical cord up close to MJ's belly and thinking that will cause a hernia and it did!

Here is the story behind MJ's name. MARYJANE (MJ for short) was born at 4:20am. Ironically, that has a meaning to me since back in Jan of 2020 I took on a very successful home based business selling hemp in the form of CBD. My CBD venture is helping human and animal patients live their best lives, check out the link on tabs to the left!

This blue eyed beauty is conformation correct with a gorgeous shoulder on her that screams athletic ability. I am holding out for a home that will use her, not put her directly into a brood mare program! She has a nice blend of Blue Valentine/Joe Hancock with a splash of Two Eyed Jack, this cross has been exceptional for us here at R3!

Quick Notes:
DOB 05/07/2020
36 1/2 inches tall at birth
Height Expectancy: 15.1+hh
White Markings: Star
Color Test Results: RnRn (homozygous roan) by Parentage
Cream = nCr (tested through animal genetics)
Panel 5 Results: 5 Panel-N/N by Parentage

A Swisher Hancock Daughter out of Chucker Maid Hayes
62.5% Swisher Hancock
31.25% Dividend Coup
25% Chucker Blue Kid
23.05% Blue Valentine
21.88% Chucker Maid
18.75% Gooseberry
12.5% Leo Hancock Hayes
12.5% Plenty Try
12.5% Platte Hancock
11.72% Red Man
10% Joe Hancock
Others: Azul Caballo Amigo, WYO Kid Curry, Watch Joe Starbuck, Two Eyed Jack
~Click Here for MJ's Extended Pedigree~

MJ's Sire, "Swisher Hancock" / MJ's Dam, "Chucker Maid Hayes"
Photo Copyrights: Sunday Blue

Dwayne and Sunday Blue
Gordon, TX 76453
Home: 940/769-2609

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