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►Price $4250◄

AQHA # 6283495
DOB 04/23/2023
Smokey Grulla Roan Filly

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8 months old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

8 months old
Copyright Photo: Sunday Blue

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Update: 02/06/24: My intentions were to keep this filly back for our breeding program, but when she hit the weaning pen she showed some dominant behavior. We have been working with her and I have the video's documenting the whole journey. She has come a long ways since the episodes back in November. But, she still doesn't care much for me which is fine. She loves my daughter-in-law, TENNESSEE. So, TENN has been the one working with her. What I see is she does not care to be enclosed with people, it makes her a bit nervous and wanting to escape. As a R3 broodmare, my mares must accept my touch while eating. I need to be able to draw milk to test for predicting foaling and we need to be able to get in the stall with them to help foal out their babies. She may allow TENN to do these things, but I am the primary caregiver. NOLA is very smart. I would like to see someone put her under saddle and use her. If you are wanting her for a broodmare, in my opinion she will do best foaling out in the pasture and not confined. I would like to note that she needs to go to a home that is capable of handling a dominant personality, but not a mean approach more of a gentle natural horsemanship type training. NOLA is not for beginners, she needs to bond with her person and trust them, not fear them! Normally, I would be asking 5k for a filly of her calabor. I am not classifying her for a beginner and therefore, I brought her price down to reflect her being a bit of a special needs project. NOLA looks just like her dam, HEIDI. She is gorgeous with above average bone and has a thick front and hind end. Her jaw is wide like a stud colt, she is stunning.

For her journey, check out my YouTube channel, link below. I've documented just about everything with her since she hit the weaning pen.

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Quick Notes:
DOB 04/23/2023
38 inches tall at birth
Height Expectancy: 15.1hh
White Markings: None
Color Test Results Due To Parentage and Testing: aa (no agouti present), Dd (heterozygous dun), nCr (heterozygous cream), Rn/N (one roan gene)
EE (homozygous for black)
IMM Tested, she is N/N.
6 Panel-N/N

25% Plenty Blue Bonnet
25% WYO Chuckkar
18.25% Blue Try
17.58% Blue Valentine
15.63% Plenty Try
14.06% Gooseberry
12.89% Joe Hancock
12.5% Blue Hawk
12.5% Plenty Coup Hancock
12.5% WYO Blue Bonnet
12.5% Gila Mccue Hancock
11.91% Texas Blue Bonnet
11.72% Plenty Coup
9.57% Red Man
Others: Mr Roan Hancock, Glassy, Rip Rip, Salty Roan

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~NOLA's Sire, "WYO Grulla Try" / NOLA's Dam, "Blue Bonnet Sadie" aka Heidi at 7yrs old in March of 2017.
Photo Copyrights: Sire's Photo Bradley Beauchamp - Dam's Photo Sunday Blue

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🤍 A contract will be drawn up specifying price, 25% non-refundable deposit amount and deadline for pick-up after the foal is weaned.

🤍 Print and sign 2 copies, return to us with down payment. We will sign both, keep one for our records and return the other to you.

🤍 On business day 7 after initial contact you must post mark/send the signed contract with deposit. We ask that you secure returned contract by using a carrier that provides a tracking number and contact us with that tracking number. USPS priority mail w/tracking number cost under $10.00 and is sufficient.

🤍 (New amendment, starting with our 2023 foaling season). A 2nd 25% payment will be required AUGUST 1st and is refundable if final payment can not be made, but only after foal is re-sold!

🤍 Remaining 50% will be due the day I state weanling can go home (see contract, this date changes each yr due to expected weaning day).

🤍 We generally wean between September 15th - October 15th, weanlings will be ready to leave 2wks after weaning. You get 2wks to make pick-up arrangements, after date in contract feed charges are applied. There is a "must be pick-up by date" set in contract. Other arrangements may be made prior to signing contract.

🤍 We do offer board for $125, paid weekly +feed/supplements/hoof care (we supply alfalfa/coastal +turn out and shelter).

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Dwayne and Sunday Blue
Gordon, TX 76453
Home: 940/769-2609
Sunday's Cell: 940/452-2227

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